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Build Your Griffin In 3 Steps

Step 1: Size

The Griffin OTF comes in three sizes:

  • 2.75 Inch Blade
  • 3 Inch Blade
  • 3.75 Inch Blade

The handle is a high-grade aluminum alloy with a standard TPR finish.  There is a belt clip for ease of carry as well as glass break for safety.

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Step 2: Style

All Griffin Knives are available in both a 440C and a D2 style. Both are excellent steels for knife making and are very durable and long lasting.

  • D2 Steel with tonto blade style

    D2 is the highest carbon alloy tool and die steel typically used in knife making. It is much tougher than premium stainless steels.

    440C Steel with drop point blade style or Tonto blade style

  • 440C has the highest strength, hardness, and wear resistance of all the commonplace 440-series stainless alloys with high carbon content and moderate corrosion resistance.

Step 3: Cerakote

  • Cerakote is a US ceramic coating created in 1984 and is the gold standard for providing the maximum protection for your knife. We HIGHLY recommend coating your knife.

    Cerakote H Series coatings are durable corrosion-resistant and provide unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion.

    These coatings are also resistant to most solvents and chemicals.

All Normandy Knives come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back return policy. Buy One Get One 50% Off With Promo Code: New Knife

2.75 Inch

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Small Pocket Sized
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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3 Inch

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Most Popular
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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3.75 Inch

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Our Largest Blade
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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Safety Mechanism

All Griffin Knives have a safety mechanism that will disengage the blade if it comes in contact with an object while deploying or retracting. Resetting the blade is easy and can be completed in seconds just by pulling the blade to the full extension and then giving it a sharp tug to reengage the blade to the deployment track. The short video will provide an example of resetting your Normandy Knife.


Susan Fonville

Hands down, best knife I have ever owned!!!  It’s smooth action, comfort, and ease of use is definitely a thumbs up for me!!  It makes for a great gift too 😊
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Jason McDaniel

I received one of these knives as a gift. I'm a bit of a collector and was excited about this knife when I got it. Right off I noticed how heavy and sturdy it was. These are well crafted out of high end materials. I thought I broke it after a few days, but after a speedy response (1 hour) from customer service, turns out it has a safety mechanism that's easily reset. I definitely recommend if it's what you're looking for. Great local company!
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Chris McKinney

I found these knives after a lot of searching and product review. I wanted something that would hold up for my guys in the field and the life time warranty was a nice sell point too. I am a police chief for a smaller town. After receiving the knives. I found them to be better than I expected. The automatic switch release is nicely made. The springs feel like they are heavy duty as the blade comes out and retracts very nicely.  I would definitely not be afraid to buy from them again.
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Kristy Ragsdale

The new knife I purchased from Normandy Knives is my absolute favorite thing!
It is beautifully crafted, fits perfectly in my hand & functions flawlessly every single time.
The customer service, is top notch, they all go above & beyond!
It’s been a complete joy interacting with them. I’m very impatiently awaiting the next chance I’ll have to buy from Normandy Knives again!
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Warranty and Support

Your Normandy knife is warranted for life under the following guidelines.

Treat the knife as a knife.  Use of your knife for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse and will void the warranty.  It's not a screwdriver, chisel, pry bar, punch, fork, or any other tool.  These are not designed for throwing.

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