Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Your Normandy knife is warranted for life under the following guidelines.

Treat the knife as a knife.  

Use of your knife for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse and will void the warranty.  It's not a spoon...or a screwdriver, chisel, pry bar, punch, fork, or any other tool. These are not designed for throwing.

Damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, improper blade sharpening, introduction of foreign substances, or disassembly will void the warranty. Normal wear and tear including paint loss, fading, discoloration, or chips are serviceable but not covered under warranty.

Safety Functionality

All Normandy Knives have a safety function built in that disengages the blade if it encounters any resistance as it opens or closes. When this happens you can reset the knife by pinching the tip of the blade and fully extending the knife all the way out, then giving an additional tug to reset the blade. Occasionally dirt can get in the blade and can be cleaned out by manually pulling the blade in and out repeatedly, canned air or submerging in water may help as well to dislodge and dirt. There is a video on YouTube demonstrating this here:

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Lost Knife Additional benefit

Registered knives also receive a one-time, knife replacement in the event of theft or loss.  Simply pay the $40 deductible with shipping, and we'll send you a replacement knife. If you purchased from our Website you are automatically registered. To register your knife send an email with a picture of your knife to