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Thanks for your paitence! Now that you're here, we would love to introduce you TO NORMANDY KNIVES

Look At Our OTF Knives!

You may be wondering.... ok I'm here, I clicked on several buttons, what the heck is an OTF knife already? We're glad you asked!

An OTF is an "Out The Front" knife. OTFs have blades concealed in the handle. Instead of springing out of the side of the handle, it comes directly from the top.

Spring assisted OTFs only need a press of the finger to get it to slide open. While the natural position of the blade is closed, the user can open it up easily with the thumb slide. You'll notice the lever has a little resistance, this is because the spring keeps the knife in place until it is needed to propel it open -- then it securely locks itself in place.

So while a spring assisted spoon might be interesting or maybe even fun? ... These knives are way more useful. Using your knife as a spoon is not necessarily covered by the warranty. See more about that above!

Who knows, maybe we will eventually make OTF untesil sets.

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If we don't have the "untensil" you're looking for, feel free to get creative...

This Is Your Knife

We have many different sizes, blade styles, and colors! Build your own below!

From the moment you start complusively flicking the blade in and out with one hand--trust us, it is super addicting--to the challenges you overcome together that bond you, this knife was meant for you.

You'll love the huge advantages you get from the single-handed operation, the sleek design, the glass breaker on the end, and the smooth, quick action of the blade. This knife is the most essential knife in your toolkit! You'll love it so much, you'll try using it as your spoon too. But we only recommend that action to our most experienced wild-humans.

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Though, we don't want to spoon you (or knife you, for that matter) we really want you to enjoy these...

From Our Family To Yours

All our knives are carefully and meticulously built in our little shop in Provo, Utah. When you buy one of our knives you are directly supporting our family--and that makes you pretty freaking cool.

And we're so sure you're going to love your blade that along with the lifetime warranty, we also offer a 30 day love it or get your money back guarantee.

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Thanks for staying with us and sticking it to the Book of faces despite how difficult they make getting these knives to you. You're the best!

You Can, In Fact, Buy This Knife

Social media might not like us advertising knives on its platform...but we got our message to you anyways! And we appreciate you clicking through and giving us your time.

OTF knives are legal in most every state. You can click on more details below to get to our info map showing which states need to catch up.

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Timeless design, Easy To Use--Achieve your knife goals with more comfort and style than ever before

We Have Really, Really, Really Good Reviews

We don't mean to brag, well actually, we do. We have really good reviews! The quality you get from small, detail-oreinted designers just can't be matched when it comes to mass marketing and big, stinky corporations. That's actually one of the reasons we started making our own!

Please vet us and check out what people are saying!

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Build Your Griffin In 3 Steps

Step 1: Size

The Griffin OTF comes in three sizes:

  • 2.75 Inch Blade
  • 3 Inch Blade
  • 3.75 Inch Blade

The handle is a high-grade aluminum alloy with a standard TPR finish.  There is a belt clip for ease of carry as well as glass break for safety.

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Step 2: Style

All Griffin Knives are available in both a 440C and a D2 steel. Both are excellent steels for knife making and are very durable and long lasting. Both steels are available as serrated or non-serrated. Blades are available in Drop point, Tanto, and Spear point styles.

Step 3: Cerakote

  • Cerakote is a US ceramic coating created in 1984 and is the gold standard for providing the maximum protection for your knife. We HIGHLY recommend coating your knife.

    Cerakote H Series coatings are durable corrosion-resistant and provide unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion.

    These coatings are also resistant to most solvents and chemicals.

All Normandy Knives come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back return policy. Take $30 off each knife with promo code: spoon

2.75 Inch

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Small Pocket Sized
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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3 Inch

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Most Popular
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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3.75 Inch

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Our Largest Blade
440C or D2 Steel
Serrated or Non-Serrated
Cerakote available
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Susan Fonville

Hands down, best knife I have ever owned!!!  It’s smooth action, comfort, and ease of use is definitely a thumbs up for me!!  It makes for a great gift too 😊
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Jason McDaniel

I received one of these knives as a gift. I'm a bit of a collector and was excited about this knife when I got it. Right off I noticed how heavy and sturdy it was. These are well crafted out of high end materials. I thought I broke it after a few days, but after a speedy response (1 hour) from customer service, turns out it has a safety mechanism that's easily reset. I definitely recommend if it's what you're looking for. Great local company!
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Chris McKinney

I found these knives after a lot of searching and product review. I wanted something that would hold up for my guys in the field and the life time warranty was a nice sell point too. I am a police chief for a smaller town. After receiving the knives. I found them to be better than I expected. The automatic switch release is nicely made. The springs feel like they are heavy duty as the blade comes out and retracts very nicely.  I would definitely not be afraid to buy from them again.
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Kristy Ragsdale

The new knife I purchased from Normandy Knives is my absolute favorite thing!
It is beautifully crafted, fits perfectly in my hand & functions flawlessly every single time.
The customer service, is top notch, they all go above & beyond!
It’s been a complete joy interacting with them. I’m very impatiently awaiting the next chance I’ll have to buy from Normandy Knives again!
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